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Artist KC - Custom Pet Paintings

Christianne Bohannon Owner/Artist
Although born and raised in the gateway city of St. Louis, Kansas City is what I call home. Creating has always been an integral part of how I perceive life and my journey through it.

I found my passion with a lengthy teaching career in Gardner, Kansas. In the spring of 2017, however, I ultimately discovered I could no longer treat my competing passion for Art as a hobby.

My career now is to create acrylic paintings that may bring joy to you and others. I have a great love of animals and enjoy creating animal portraits by commission.

When not painting, I serve as a volunteer member of the Board of Directors for my local non-profit cat rescue, Another Chance Cat Rescue.

I'm a good listener whose only agenda is to create a painting you and your loved ones can cherish through the years to come. I work from photographs and am in regular communication with my clients in pursuit of their satisfaction. I hope you enjoy my work and consider it for your home.


You can commission me to create a painting uniquely yours. Commissions or custom paintings make special gifts, showing your thoughtfulness and care.

Contact me to start the conversion.
We'll discuss your project and options.
Once you approve a sketch of the proposed project, I'll provide a price quote.
Supply a deposit and I begin painting.
When finished and balance is paid, I can deliver your painting or arrange for shipping.

pricing chart for custom pet portrait paintings

If you are a Missouri resident, please anticipate a sales tax charge of 8.6 %. I'm happy to deliver your painting if you live/work in the Kansas City area. My typical turnaround time is 2 weeks.

More sizes and options are available. Please call Chris to discuss your project.

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