Bio-Nihilator Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator


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Bio-Nihilator Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator

Recommended by veterinarians and trusted by pet owners, the Bio-Nihilator pet stain and odor eliminator provides a fresh, clean scent without harsh chemicals. Their water soluble product is safe to use around both kids and pets on carpet, tile, linoleum, wood floors, concrete, natural stone, upholstery, mattresses, clothing, and more!

BIO-NIHILATOR™ products are developed by a professional carpet cleaner. AFC Cleaning & Restoration LLC has been cleaning carpet since 2003. We discovered that we were often called to clean homes due to pet stain and odor issues. For several years we used our professional strength enzymes but had mixed results. There are often different variables that can change the efficacy of the enzyme. We began using different professional compounded products that are very effective and faster with better results, so we decided to bottle it and offer it to our customers!

With BIO-NIHILATOR™ we offer an advanced blend of 4 different types of Quaternary which gives a much broader spectrum of effectiveness for washing away the odors caused from bacteria. Multiple types of surfactants are used for reducing surface tension, cleansing, and complete odor control. Other products on the market may up to several days for enzyme products to effectively remove the stain and odor and must maintain specified conditions. BIO-NIHILATOR™ has bio based, environmentally safe D-Limonene with Oxy this combination cleans fecal matter, urine and vomit stains and offers a natural and pleasant fragrance. It doesn't make the contaminated spot pungent when applied nor is it an over-powering smell. Those who try it will be able to tell they are truly cleaning with Professional Strength.

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