Hoof n Paw Chiropractic

Dr. Keenan Massey, from Hoof n Paw Chiropractic, is an animal chiropractor, working on small animals and horses.

He is great at helping animals live happy, healthy lives.

How to Know if Your Pet Needs Chiro?

Animal adjustments are necessary from time to time if the spine become misaligned.

Similar to humans, this can put pressure on different parts of the animal’s body. Dr. Massey specializes in relieving problems from the spine & joints of animals so they can be free of pain. 

Your furry friends may not be able to tell or show you that they are hurt, so regular visits are recommended to ensure the spine stays aligned. 

Be sure to read Dr. Massey’s article about when animals need chiropractic care. He goes over the signs to look out for, as well as answers common questions….

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