K.I.S.S Dog Training

Mike, owner of K.I.S.S Dog Training, is an experienced trainer who understands how to train not only dogs, but also their owners!

A word from Mike about Dogs & Training in General…

Being able to train “any dog” is really not the question to ask. As far as I am concerned, training people is a much more effective way of solving problem behaviors in dogs. What I do is nothing new or magical. I use basic behavior theory, and positive reinforcement techniques to change behavior or teach proper ones to begin with.

There are many ways to train a dog and while I will not throw rocks at glass houses and condemn other styles I believe and understand my style and stick to it.

Positive Reinforcement is Important

My view is that positive reinforcement is the best and fastest way to teach a dog, along with resource control in regards the two most important things in Fido’s life (attention and food). After all it is hard to teach a dog anything if they are not paying attention…

Please take the time to look at my reviews here on the site, check out the blog (K.I.S.S. Dog Blog) and then decide for yourself. Also please look at the page here on this site called “Fine Print”… It will let you in on all my policies and things I feel will make your training experience both fun and productive! In the end, you need to go into this process with eyes wide open and know what is expected!

You should not make training decisions based off of a brochure. You should talk to at least three trainers; check out their style and get references; then make your choice. In the end, I hope you will choose me as your trainer.