Pet Resource Advertising in Kansas City: Grow with iPetsKC

iPetsKC is Kansas City’s best guide to pet products, services, resources, destinations & pet-friendly events. So, we are the perfect partner for advertising in Kansas City!

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Reach Local Pet Lovers

iPetsKC is a combination of digital and print channels all working in concert to promote your pet-related business to busy Kanas City area pet owners. iPetsKC consists of our website, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, plus an email newsletter, AND a dedicated section printed inside iFamilyKC magazine every month.

Our iPetsKC section is a directory of products and services that local pet lovers need and use every day.  It is not only published every month in print but these partners are also featured in our digital magazine with a LIVE link to your website.

Our digital publication is featured on the homepage of our iFamilyKC website (which gets over 1.25 million pageviews per year), and it’s also featured in all of our weekly emails to iFamilyKC readers, plus our monthly emails to iPetsKC readers. This allows you to reach our iPetsKC direct audience AND our iFamilyKC readers; 74% of our iFamilyKC readers own pets.

Our iFamilyKC and iPetsKC readers refer to our iPets Guide section inside the iFamilyKC monthly magazine over and over, for pet products, grooming, training, vet services & more every month!

iPetsKC effectively and efficiently markets your pet-friendly business or service all year long utilizing all of these features and platforms to keep your business name, offerings, and links in front of KC consumers with pets. This is advertising in KC you can afford. 

KC Circulation: New fresh print issue is distributed every month, year-round

iPetsKC advertisers are published in iFamilyKC magazine 12 times a year. A new issue goes out every month all over the Kansas City metro. Your ad can change as often as every month. So pet owners are picking up your latest and greatest offerings every single month.

Service Area: Where are iPetsKC Delivered?

iPetsKC is delivered throughout the Kansas City Metro. The 1000+ free pick-up locations include groomers, vet offices, pet stores, daycare centers, boarding and training facilities, shelters, rescue organizations, libraries, Doctor offices, restaurants, movie theaters, schools, hospitals, private employers, Union Station, and a variety of pet-friendly destinations.

iPetsKC Advertising Options:

Check out our pricing & what’s included in different packages: iPetsKC-iFamilyKC Media Guide

1. Display Ads = Integrated Advertising Package

We offer multiple ad sizes and different configurations for our Display Ads.  Display Ads give you space to include images, highlights about your product, service, or event, contact info, testimonials, and more.  Pictures really do speak volumes so we encourage you to take advantage of all that our Display Ads offer. 

Your monthly rate price point is determined by what size ad you choose, and the length of your term (4 months, 6 months, or 12 months). All ad sizes and term length options are spelled out with corresponding rates on pages 10-11 of our media guide.

DISPLAY ADS always include: promotions of your business in print, on our website, in some of our emails, AND on our social media channels. This approach garners the maximum results for your budget.

We have a professional graphic artist that has worked with us for over 20 years.  She is available to provide you with a professional custom ad design, which is INCLUDED in your ad fees. Email us TODAY to request more info or to get started! 

2. Text Listings

On a tight budget? For only $125 per month, you’ll receive a descriptive paragraph (25-word maximum) about your business in every monthly issue. This allows you to give readers detailed information about the benefits of your programs or services. Your logo will highlight your listing. Text Listing form here.


Ask us about Social Media Promotions Package, Dedicated eBlasts, Facebook LIVE Video promotions, and more. We’ve got add-ons to enhance your advertising package when you need them.

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