Learn About iPetsKC & Our Team

iPetsKC gathers everything for & about pets in Kansas City, then brings it straight to you. No more stressin’ about planning pet-friendly things to do or find reputable pet services for your furry companions…we’ve got you covered!

We’ve served the Kansas City metro community for +17 years with our sister publication,  iFamilyKC. So, 4 years ago we created iPetsKC to expand our resources to pet parents & their furry families!

Our publisher, Shawna Allen, is a huge animal-lover, so her heart was drawn towards pet resources & events.

She knew the struggle of finding a pet-friendly restaurant, or going to a shop (supposedly pet-friendly), only to be told, “no pets allowed”….

So, Shawna created the solution – iPetsKC. A one-stop-shop for all things pets in Kansas City. 

KC’s Guide to a Pet-Friendly Life

You can explore local pet products, ways to have fun with your pets, where to adopt Kansas City pets & everything in between…

Find us in-print, online or at local events around Kansas City. If you want to receive our Weekend Planner Emails – filled with pet-friendly things to do – sign-up for The Scoop. You’ll also get pet events, resources & more delivered right to your inbox.  You can also Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for helpful tips & fun for Kansas City pets.

We continue to focus on the KC community with iPetsKC; providing the best service, information and building even more quality relationships with pet parents, pet lovers and businesses that provide pet products & services. 

Ranked in Top 50 Influencers in Kansas City

We love how connected we are to the Kansas City pet community! Shawna was ranked #30 in the Top 50 Influencers in Kansas City. She continues to use her influence in Kansas City to promote non-profits & other pet charities, while also bringing you the best resources. 

AND, if you’d like to receive printed copies of iPetsKC at your location to distribute to the public, just email us with contact name, business name, street address and number of copies you would like to receive.