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Animal Rescue Centers in KC

If your family is looking to growing your furry pack, there are many options for pet adoption in Kansas City! You can provide a forever-home to an adorable animal, plus it is often a more affordable option. 

Explore pet adoption in Kansas City at local animal rescue shelters near me like; Wayside Waifs or the Humane Society of Kansas City. Also be sure to educate yourself on animal welfare & humane education before you choose to adopt a pet.

If you are looking to volunteer at your local animal shelter, Wayside Waifs & KC Pet Project are always accepting new volunteers. KCPP even has a Snuggle Service! 

Your Pet's Health Matters

Need emergency medical care for your pet at any hour? 24/7 pet vets are available at Mission Med Vet.

Or, find awesome animal hospitals near you like Wycliff Veterinary Clinic or Turner Animal Hospital. Their loving staff will treat your pet like their own. 

We partner with expert vets to get you the pet health advice you need, like what to do if your dog is bloated, what to do if your pet dies unexpectedly or when your pet needs chiropractic care

You can also learn about how pet organizations in Kansas City support families

KC Dog Parks - Full List

We all know how fun it is to play with our furry friends, so we found the best dog parks in Kansas City. There are fun dog parks throughout the metro!

Explore indoor dog parks, off leash dog parks, fenced in dog parks & dog parks with lakes. After you're done at the park, be sure to enjoy a beer with your dog!

Things to do with Pets in Kansas City

Create with your dog at Paint, Glaze & Fire! Your dog can create a paw print tile while you make your own masterpiece. 

Or, go shopping with your pets at one of these dog-friendly stores in Kansas City...