Beer Paws

Your dog is the best drinking buddy. So, find a dog beer they can enjoy with you!

Can Dogs Drink Beer?

Beer Paws dog beer is safe for your furry family. It incorporates the yummy flavors of beer & barley without getting your dog drunk…

At Beer Paws, they are dedicated to celebrating both beer-drinkers & dogs. Dogs and beer actually have quite a lot in common, like how awesome they both are. Dogs & beer are their 2 favorite things. 

Dog Beer > YUM

If you have a dog and you like beer, chances are good that your dog is one of your best drinking buddies.

If you’re excited, he’s excited. If you take him to a party, you’re suddenly the most popular person there. And if it’s a night when you have tears in your beer, well, the dog won’t judge you for that. So, grab some Beer Paws Dog Beer & enjoy your dog’s company!

Beer Paws Products

You can find fun pet products besides dog beer like:

  • beer-flavored dog treats
  • bottle opener dog leashes
  • dog toys
  • t-shirts
  • cat treats & more…

Explore all their products now! You can feel good about knowing exactly what your dog is snacking on.

Beer Paws: Treats & More

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