DogWatch Hidden Fences

What is a hidden dog fence?

DogWatch Hidden Fences for dogs use a radio signal transmitted through an underground boundary wire. Your dog (or cat) wears a special collar with a receiver that detects the radio sinal and alerts your pet when he gets too close to the underground fence.

Your pet is trained to retreat from the hidden fence at the sound of the alert. The receiver is also available with a vibration alert for hearing impaired pets. Using an electronic pet fence is easy and safe.

Hidden fences are sometimes referred to as underground dog fence or underground fencing, radio pet fence, wireless pet fence or “invisible fence.”

What a hidden dog fence is not:

The DogWatch pet containment system is not an electric dog fence! The buried wire is not electrified. DogWatch and other “invisible” underground pet fence systems are a form of electronic dog fence which use a radio signal. The dog wears a special collar that detects the radio signal. Hidden and invisible pet fences should not be mistakenly referred to as ‘electric fences’ or ‘electric dog fences’. They are radio fences, not electric fences.

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DogWatch Hidden Fencing

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