Best Gifts for Pet Lovers in Your Life (Gift Ideas)

We all have pet lovers in our lives.  Maybe, we are even pet lovers ourselves….so find the best gifts for pet lovers!

We’ve compiled a list of great gift ideas for those with four-legged friends running around their house.

Gifts for Pet Lovers - Best Gift Ideas

Best Gifts for Pet Lovers in Your Life

The holidays are coming and many humans on your list may have a furry family at home. If you are wondering what to get the pet lover in your life, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered.

You can also find holiday safety tips for pets!

1. Doggy Camera

Keep an eye on Fido with the Furbo Dog Camera.  This is perfect if your pet lover works away from home, attends classes, or just likes to know the mischief that occurs when they’re gone.  Along with the camera, it also has a treat dispenser and barking sensor!

2. Personalized Pet Socks

Rock some socks with your pet’s photo on them!  These are so adorable for pet owners, especially those with a knack for cool socks.  Just snap a photo of the furry guy or gal, upload it, choose a sock color, and you have your funky, totally cool pair of socks — personalized just for your loved one.

3. A pet subscription box

Give the gift that keeps on giving.  Extend the holidays for the next 12 months with a subscription box for dogs or a subscription box for cats.  Not only do these boxes include treats, toys, and other goodies for pets, but also for their owners.

4. Beer Paws Doggy Beer & Treats

Dog Beer and dog treats are perfect for the drinking buddy. This is a local Kansas City company that celebrates dogs and beer drinkers by creating high quality dog beer and treats.  Additionally, they have toys, cat treats, and t-shirts!

They are partner with various local breweries to make the perfect (safe) drinks & snacks for your pup. Make your own owner/pet gift and partner some treats with some local brew. Our favorite combo is the Torn Label Beer Biscuits Peanut Butter Treats (Torn Label is a Kansas City brewery) and some of Torn Label’s Monk & Honey.

5. Personalized Pet Portraits

Get a custom portrait by My Pooch Face!  Everyone needs a little art on their walls, and for pet lovers, this is perfect.  After all, each portrait is hand painted by an artist with strict attention to detail for a perfect end result.  Use our code IMPF19 for 10% off!

6. Create Pet Accessories

Create a piece art at Paint, Glaze & Fire.  Here, you can paint and glaze beautiful pet treat jars, food & water bowls and more for an amazing, one-of-a-kind gift.  You can even make a paw print tile for free when you bring your pet!  Also, click our link for $5 off!


8. Personalized Pet Pillows

Speaking of home decor, try for a custom pet pillow.  These are so cute to throw on the sofa or bed of a pet lover.  Plus, your pet can cuddle with themselves now!  You can purchase from a variety of different sizes so there’s a product and price for everyone!

9. Dog Carriers

No, we aren’t kidding with this one, a dog carrier back pack.  Dog owners can travel with their pets with ease  with this hands free carrier.  Go on hikes, walks, or other adventures with your furry friend!  This is recommended for dogs that weigh 15 pounds or less, so please take that into consideration.

10. Backpack Cat Carrier

For those of us cat owners, we know that it’s only a special kind of cat that enjoys walking on a leash.  Instead, cat owners can now carry them from the comfort of their back with this cat carrier backpack!  Finally, a perfect item for cat owners who’ve been longing for a way to bring their cat along with them.

11. Support Animal Shelters

The Great Plains SPCA shop sells clothing, goods and even Rotisserie coffee. I have a t-shirt from them that I just love. It is soft and has held up well. Many of their items tie into the Royals so you can have a shirt highlighting several things you love!

12. Homemade Dog Biscuits

If you’re wanting to make a homemade gift for pet lovers, check out this recipe for yummy dog biscuits:

Darcy’s Dog Biscuits

  • ¾ cup non-fat milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup peanut butter (chunky or smooth)
  • 1 cup flour (you can use brown rice flour if wheat is a concern)
  • 1 ½ cup old fashioned oats
  • 1 tbs baking powder

Run oatmeal in a blender to turn it into a course flour. Set aside.

Mix together the peanut butter, egg and milk. Add flour and baking to make a stiff dough. You want it to be stiff. You may need to use your hands to work the in the last of the flour and adjust the amount as needed.

Roll out on a well-floured surface until about ¼ inch thick. Cut desired shapes out with a cutter and place onto greased cookie sheet.

Bake at 375 for about 20 minutes, then flip treats and bake another 15-20 minutes. Cool completely and store in an airtight container or Ziploc bag.

13. Frame a photo of Pet & Owner

You can never go wrong with the classic photo in a frame.  First print a photo, then pop it in an adorable frame, maybe one that is your loved one’s favorite color or with a little paw print on it.  Either way, it makes for great home decor and even greater memories.

Gift Ideas for Pets

No, it’s not silly to spoil your pet with a few gifts for the holidays!  We have made the ultimate list of pet gift ideas for those of us with furry friends running around our houses and taking up space in our bed — but we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  1. Carol’s Dog Scarves are the perfect fashion accessory.
  2. If you have pets that need high quality collars, get one from C4 Dog Collars.
  3. Get your pet on their best behavior with K.I.S.S. Dog Training.
  4. PawsAbilities dog treats are  designed, sold and delivered with love by individuals with special needs in Kansas City.
  5. Let your pet snooze in a heated dog/cat bed.
  6. Play with this holiday toy set.
  7. Snack on these delicious holiday dog treats.
  8. Lounge in a Santa dog/cat bed.
  9. Let kitty scratch a cat Christmas tree.
  10. Test with this kit to learn their breed.
  11. Quench your pet’s thirst with a water fountain.
  12. Decorate with a Santa bowl and treat canister.
  13. Spice up their style with a warm sweater.
  14. A matching collar and bracelet makes for a stylish outfit.
  15. Relax in style in a cat hammock.
  16. Freshen up their neck with a new pet ID tag.
  17. Walk in style with a reflective collar and leash set.
  18. See Fido play with a treat dispensing dog toy.
  19. Watch your cat chase an automatic laser pointer.
  20. Feel secure with this GPS locator designed for dogs and cats.
  21. Enjoy seeing your cat call this cat condo her second home.
  22. Stroll around town in this stroller for small pets.
  23. Go on adventures with your cat in a backpack carrier.
  24. Cats can play with this cat toy collection gift box.
  25. Rejuvenate with this cat wellness center.
  26. Cat around in this collapsable cat tunnel.
  27. Enjoy batting the toys in this cat play center.
  28. Taste the treats in this variety pack for cats.
  29. Eat meals out of the world’s most hygienic pet food bowl.
  30. Gaze at the great outdoors with a mountable window sill for cats.
  31. Ride along in a pet booster seat.
  32. Take a nap on this elevated pet cot.
  33. Aid in grooming with a pet grooming glove.
  34. Bond with a small animal carrying pouch.
  35. Help Fido get on the bed with these pet stairs.
  36. Eat some puppy ice cream.
  37. Control odor with this oatmeal shampoo and conditioner.
  38. Bathe dogs fast and easy with this pet hose wand.
  39. Keep your dog smelling fresh and clean with this deodorizing spray.
  40. Ditch the itch with this itch soothing spray.

No matter which gift ideas you choose for the loved ones in your life (people or pets), it’s the thought that counts!

If you have other gift ideas for pets or pet lovers, drop them in the comments below…

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From our furry family to yours, iPetsKC

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