Feb 10 2024


8:00 am

TNR Clinic with Great Plains SPCA

When – Saturday 2/10/24 (with pick up Sunday 2/11/24)
This clinic is for feral/outdoor community cats only!
Pricing – $40/cat, which includes alter, 1 year rabies vaccination (if over 3 months), left ear-tip and topical flea prevention.
Information regarding drop off and pick up times will be provided when appointment is made.
Reminder: ALL cats and kittens must be in live traps prior to arrival, regardless of if they are friendly with the caretaker. This is for safety since they will be in a new environment and being handled by unfamiliar people. If cats or kittens arrive in anything besides a live trap they will be denied.
We do have a limited number of live traps for rent.
Please email [email protected] for more info