Kansas City is One of the Most Pet-Friendly Cities (Ranked)

Well folks, it’s official — Kansas City is one of the Nation’s most pet-friendly cities!

An article from WalletHub considered factors including pet budget, health and wellness, and outdoor pet-friendliness, like pet friendly restaurants, to determine which of the United State’s largest cities are best for furry companions.  We were so excited to see our hometown as one of those listed!

Kansas City Ranked Most Pet Friendly City

Pet Friendly Aspects of Kansas City:

So, without further ado, let get into the best aspects of the Kansas City metro for pet parents!

Full of Dog Parks

Let’s begin with the simple, yet essential: dog parks galore!

There are Kansas City dog parks in every corner of the metro, so dogs can explore, play,  interact with other pets, and run to their heart’s desire. It seems like with every new addition here in KC, there’s another dog park to go along with it.

Check out this awesome list of every dog park in Kansas City so you can play with your furry fam!

There are also unique dog parks in KC like Bar K Dog Bar, where you can hang out with your pets.

Dog Friendly Stores & Places to Shop

Of course, your dog is welcome at the dog park, but are they welcome in your favorite stores or restaurants?

Maybe not in every single establishment, but that doesn’t mean the can’t come with you! Kansas City is home to plenty of pet-friendly restaurants and stores.  In fact, here’s a list of 84 dog-friendly stores in the KC metro.  Happy shopping!

Dog Friendly Restaurants too!

There are over 75 dog friendly restaurants in Kansas City. So, you can enjoy many meals with your dogs.

No matter what part of town you choose to dine in, there are places to eat with your pet. 🙂

Animal Healthcare is a Priority

Health and wellness is obviously one of the most crucial responsibilities for a dog owner…

No matter what corner or crevice of KC you live in, you’re bound to be near a veterinary clinic, animal chiropractor, or emergency hospital.  Find trusted, local veterinary offices, chiropractors & emergency services in the Kansas City area.

If you need emergency care, Mission Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Clinic is a 24/7 emergency room for pets. Or, check out Turner Animal Hospital if you are in the Kansas City, KS area.

Animal chiropractic care is also important to consider – especially as your pets get older. Hoof n’ Paws Animal Chiropractic is here to help get your pets feeling their best! If you want to learn more about when pets need chiropractic care, we’ve got info for you…

Pet Products are Easy to Find

Finally, when you’re looking for a gift for your pet, another pet lover, or even just a treat for yourself, Kansas City has no shortage of pet boutiques and handmade pet products.

From bakeries to pet stores and even to breweries, KC has it all…

Some of our favorites include doggy beer at Beer Paws, locally handmade dog scarves at Carol’s Dog Scarves, PawsAbilities pet boutique and SCHEELS – they have an entire pet section.  The options are endless (& easy-to-find) no matter the recipient!

We hope you enjoy Kansas City with your furry family as much as you possibly can!

If you know of other pet-friendly aspects of KC, drop them in the comments below. We love exploring new parts of town with our pets.

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From our furry fam to yours, iPetsKC